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November 16th, 2019 (Saturday)—10:00 am

3003 N. Joplin
Pittsburg, Ks 66762
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Saturday, Nov. 16th. – 10:00 A.M.

Homer Cole Community Center

3003 N. Joplin, Pittsburg, Ks.


Selling an Estate of Firearms, Ammo, Western Collectible, Colt firearms Collectibles, Mounts & More.

500 + Rounds of 7.62 X 39, 250 Rds. 30-06, 1500 + Rds. 308, 1000 + Rds. 223, 100 Rds. 243, 1 box 458 Mag, 1000 + Rds. 9 MM, 1000 + Rds. .38 spl., 1000 + Rds. 45 auto, 250 Rds. 45 Colt, 2000 + Rds .22, some 40 cal. Ammo.

LONG GUNS: 1895 – 7 x 57 Chilean Mauser, 2 – 1908 Mauser’s 7 X 57 cal., German K -98 – 8 mm Mauser, Marlin 336 cs . 35 cal, 2 Winchester 94 – 30 – 30, Winchester Mod. 77 – 22, Colt Sporter H – Bar .223, Ruger Mini 14 Ranch .223, Remington Mod. 12 - .22 pump, Remington Nylon Apache 77 Green (NIB), Remington Nylon 66 Green, Remington Nylon 66 Black & Chrome, Remington Nylon 66 Mohawk 10 C Brown Hibbard 12 ga. Double (hammers), Remington Mod. 550 – 1 - .22, Remington Mod. 552 Speed master .22, CZ 22.

HAND GUNS: Glock Mod. 27 - .40 cal., Glock Mod. 23 - .40 cal., Glock Mod. 35 - .40 cal., German Mauser P 38 – 9 mm, Mauser Red 9 Broomhandle, German Luger P 08 – 9 mm, Colt MKIV 45 auto, S&W 357 mag. Chrome, 2 – S&W 38 spl., Ejercito Argentino 45 auto, Argentine Ballister Molina 45 auto.

Several 45 – 70 & 30 cal Mills Ammo belts from the Indian Wars & etc., Set of US marked Saddle Bags, Ames Sword Co. Padlock, powder Flask & Horn, Indian Wars leather Cartridge Boxes, Store model Oak Shot Dispenser, Am. Express Mail bag, Trapdoor sliding swivel Strap, Stock Certificates, Framed Western Celebrity prints & photos, Custer’s Last Stand Print, Fancy Brass Stirrups, Antique loading tools, Framed USC Cartridge Co. Shell print, Colt Foursome elec. Plug, Remington & Russell prints, Indian Wars US Canteen, Colt Stock Certificates, miniature cannons, Leather Lariat, Brass cornered Leather Satchel, Trap shooter Shell Satchel, Leg irons & handcuffs, Hide scalers, Carbine thimbles, DuPont Powder tins, Old Shotgun Shell belts, Colt Single action grips & other Colt grips, Blasting cap box, Elk Shoulder Mount, Whitetail Shoulder Mount, DuPont Calendar, double shaft polisher/ knife sharpener, glass display cases, pistol & knife cases (New), firearms Ads and other one of a kind Sporting collectibles.
Several old curved & Dome Top Show cases, 5 drawer Spool cabinet, Mission Oak Book case, Oak turned Leg office table, 2 Oak Parlor table and more to be added. Added Items:2 Ladies Leather Harley jackets, Several Harley Pictures and items, Neon sign and more misc.
ADDITIONS: 10 High Condition Metal and Porcelain Adv. signs. Several are 2 sided, 2 Vintage Coke Coolers in good condition. See Pictures.

Terms: CASH or CHECK w/ID Not responsible for accidents
Nothing removed until paid for Refreshments served

Prideaux Auction Service

Auctioneers: Jon Prideaux – 620-231-7494—
Lance Anderson – 875-456-3858

Auctioneers Note: This sale has Museum pieces throughout.

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184 Auction Photos
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Glock 40 cal.

Glock 40 cal.

glock 40 cal.

P 38 - 9 mm

Red 9 Broomhandle

9 mm Lugar

Colt Mark IV 45

S&W 357 mag.

S&W 38 spl.

S&W 38 Spl.

Ejercito Argentino 45

Argentine Ballister 45

Marlin 336 35 cal.

7 X 57 Chillian Mauser

1908 Mauser

1908 Mauser

K 98 Mauser 8 mm

Winchester 94 - 30/30

Winchester 94- 30/30

Remington Nylon 66

Remington Nylon 66

Remington Nylon 66

Remington Nylon 66

Colt 223 - H Bar sporter

Ruger 223 mini 14

Remington Mod. 12 - 22

Winchester 77 - 22

CZ 22 auto

Remington 552 speed master 22

Hibbard hammers

Harley photo 1947

Harley photo

Harley print

Harley print

Am. flag print

Race car print

Harley picture

Adv. sign

Fabulous 50's Neon signnnnn

Harley Road sign

Harley saddle bags


Harley Barbie New In Box

Gloves and other Harley items

Sturgis Beer

Harley misc.

Harley photos

Airless sprayer

Ladies Harley Jacket

Back of jacket

Ladies Harley Jacket

Back of Jacket

US saddle bags (Not the spitton)

US saddle bags


Ammo stored in Ammo boxes

Gun cases

Dome show case

Brass lock Ames sword co.

reverse side of lock

Powder flask

Pittsburg Medal

US ammo box

US ammo box

Bore sighter

Dome show case

Come show case

Dome show case (Not ammo)

Am Express mail bag

Carbine sling swivel and ammo belt

Stock Certificates

Custer print

Western print

Custers Last Stand Print

Early US ammo belts

Colt Stock Certificate

Colt Stock Certificate

US Canteen

Remington print

Colt Foursome back


Mills Ammo belt

Colt adv

Early framed letter

Early framed letter

Lg. cartridge index

Metal Cannon


Colt adv

Square Show case

Oak Thread cabinet

Mission style shelf

Early Gun cleaning case

Ammo box

Man trap & mold

Powder horn

Ammo pouches

Leather Lariat

Sales man sample box

Leather Brass bound salesman case

Oak Office desk

Trap shooters bag

Cuffs & restraints

Dome show case and irons

Hide scale

Handcuffs & Mission style shelf

Handcuffs in Box

Mission style shelf

Oak Shot dispenser cabinet Rare (unusual)

Western print

Western print

Shell bag

spotting scope

Scope & misc.

Belt buckles

Early Powder boxes

Early powder box

Early shell box

Belt buckle

Early boxes

Pittsburg centennial medal

Hammered alum. Flask

Carbine thimbles

DuPont tins

DuPont tin

Dome show case

Military photo

Colt picture

Oak Parlor table 1 of 2

Mills Ammo belts

Ammo belts

Ammo belts

Ammo belts




Collectible Shells

Colt Grips

Colt SA grips

Collectible Rare bullets

Adams Express receipt

Blasting cap box

Colt adv

Gun adv

Fancy Brass Antiques stirrups

Colt adv.

Elk mount


Open wood box

Oak wood box

Knife shelves

Knife shelves

Early map

Movie poster

Mexican sombero

Open book case

Empty Gun boxes

Empty Gun box

DuPont calendar

Leather bag

Deer mount

Nice show case

Show case

48" x 48" Belknap sign

26" x 29" double sided

18" x 14" double sided

18" x 24" Am. Brake sign

11" x 11 Ariz. & 11" x 12" Phillips

11 1/2

11 1/2" rd. & 10" x 7" eggs

19" x 15" doublesided

18" x 70" Delco sign

Vintage Coke cooler

Vintage Coke cooler

Click photo to enlarge.
184 Auction Photos